Announcement from the Provost

Campus Community,
Wow! Once again you did it!  Thank you for all of the thoughtful, creative, and beautiful work you presented at the Poster Session for the Board of Trustees last Friday evening.
The entire Board was impressed the range and quality of our work, the depth of the research, the artfulness of the presentation, your enthusiasm for what you do, and the care and attention you bring to teaching and students.  (I am just repeating what I heard.) They now understand in ways they may not have before the complexity of the work we do and the deep understanding it takes to make it all work.  And it reminded all of us about the range of our efforts and the common features we share as one Christian community of scholars.
Thank you to the 39 departments which participated in the event.  Thank you also to Tina White, Becky Bradley and Arlene Mack for making the arrangements, for adjusting all of them as the weather changed, and for putting up with strange suggestions that arose from those who work closest with them.
Thank you to all.