First Fruits of Assessment Labor

First Fruits of Assessment Labor Now Available! 
FPU Community: we’ve done it and done it well! Since the Fall 2012 semester, faculty have been deeply engaged in an institution-wide outcomes-based assessment initiative for continuous improvement purposes. Hundreds of criterion-referenced scoring rubrics have been created and aligned with applicable program and university student learning outcomes; they now reside in the Taskstream system. In the academic year 2012-2013, faculty evaluated thousands of signature assignments using these rubrics (thank you, faculty!!).
Now, the first fruits of all this assessment labor has paid off at the institutional level. From the University Assessment Committee, the Academic Cabinet has received and approved with thanks the AY2012-13 University Annual Assessment Report. Click here to view the report: Based upon the requirements of the 10-year University Assessment Plan, the Committee analyzed data for Written Communication (University Student Learning Outcome 2 and WASC Core Competency B) and Reflection (USLO 4). For both USLOs, the university exceeded the benchmark standard it set for itself…congratulations! We will now begin moving forward to implement the Report’s recommendations.
Thank you to the dedicated members of the University Assessment Committee for their work in producing this report. Thank you also to the staff in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness for their work in managing the Taskstream system. You are all much appreciated! Please direct questions to Joanne Weiss in the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at