Senior Professionals Seminar- Peng Wen

Peng Wen will speak on "China: An Economic Force for Good in the World?"  at the Senior Professionals seminar on Tuesday, March 11 (2:30-4:30 p.m. in SCC 103). FPU faculty, administration and staff are invited to attend.
“Made in China” is ubiquitous in today’s market place. But is it for better or worse—for China itself as well as the rest of the world?
In this session Professor Peng Wen, who teaches economics in the FPU business programs including the graduate Global MBA program, will explore the role of China in the global market place.
Peng earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from National Taiwan University, an MBA from Oklahoma City University, and Ph.D from the University of Florida. His scholarly interests include international finance and monetary policy and issues related to the development of emerging markets.  He retains his China connections, in part by exposing graduate students in the Global MBA program to China’s varied business environments through student learning tours to the country.
Peng is also an active scholar on the economics of China. In recent years  he has presented two papers in the People’s Republic of China: “Active Fiscal Policy and Net Exports: Crowding out or Crowding in?” was presented at the Management World Forum in Beijing in June 2012, and published in the Fall 2012 Management World Monthly. “Making Sense of China’s Excessive Foreign Reserves” was published in the Working Paper Series Federal Reserve Bank 2011 and presented in June 2013 at Jiangsu University’s MBA Convention.
In addition to his teaching and research, Peng continues to provide pastoral leadership for the Bethany Chinese Christian Church associated with the Bethany MB Church in Fresno.