WASC Announcement

WASC Progress
Inquiry Circles are in the midst of gathering data and evidence and analyzing our work as a WASC accredited institution. You may hear from them, may get a request for data or a meeting.  Please make yourself available for this very, very important effort. It doesn’t get much more important than this!
Last week I was reminded of the central purpose of WASC accreditation while at a special workshop on changes in our educational environment.  Check out our WASC blog for some thoughts on changes we are all struggling with and on WASC “Core Commitments.”  All that we do in our accreditation work grows out of these commitments.  As we worked last week, we were consistently brought back to these commitments. 
The process we have developed is now being recommended by WASC as an exemplary model for others to follow!  Thanks to all who are working on Inquiry Circles, chairing committees, gathering data, and contributing insight and analysis. 
Steve Varvis, ALO (Accreditation Liaison Officer).