Promotions Announcement

Campus Community,
Please congratulate the professors mentioned below on their promotions. The Board of Trustees confers all promotions in faculty rank after a rigorous review by the Rank and Continuing Status Committee and recommendation from the committee, Dean, Provost and President.  These designations signify the very significant contributions of our professors to students and the University.  “Emeritus” in addition signifies that contribution over a career served at Fresno Pacific. The Board also must confer Emeritus status. Congratulate them with me for their inspiring achievements. 
Dr. Mark Baker, Professor
Dr. Greg Camp, Professor
Ms Fran  Martens-Friesen, Assistant Professor
Ms Rebecca McMillan, Assistant Professor
Dr. Henrietta Siemens, Associate Professor
Dr. Diane Talbot, Professor
Dr. Ron Claassen
Mr. Wayne Huber
Ms Jo Ellen Misakian
The Rank and Continuing Status Committee is still working with professors and their portfolios who are being considered for Continuing Status (some of whom are also being considered for promotion). All recommendations for Continuing Status (with or without promotion) will be presented to the Board in June.