Orientation 2013

This year we are planning some exciting things for our new students.  For  Freshmen students,  orientation will be Wednesday August 21 – 24.  Wednesday will consist of all of our traditional events that usually happen on Friday,  i.e. Check in, opening ceremonies, President’s dinner and a commissioning service.  On Thursday all freshmen will be heading up to Hume lake for a two night retreat.    Freshmen will be joined by their Mentor, mentor’s assistant and other student life and office of spiritual formation staff for two days of connecting and learning about one another.  We are excited about this opportunity to take students away from all the distractions of life and spend concentrated time preparing them for life at FPU.  We feel this is especially valuable for our commuter students who often have a hard time connecting to others on campus. 
Our Transfer Students will have an orientation day planned just for them concentrating on the  different needs they have.  This will take place on Friday, August 23.