WASC Visiting Team Report

The report of the WASC Visiting Team Report on our Capacity Review has been posted on our WASC web page, http://wasc.fresno.edu/.  You will find it in the section titled "WASC Reports and Exhibits."  
One of the new emphases of WASC is "transparency."  As a first step we have posted this on the FPU site.  WASC will post it and the Commission's letter on the WASC site for the public to read.  Once we have it we will post the Commission's letter along with the team report.
Please read through the entire report. It is very perceptive of our work, and helpful in its recommendations.  In our response to the Commission we expressed our appreciation and acceptance of it in its entirety.
Last month the Continuous Improvement Committee began to prioritize all of the recommendations, beginning with "commendations" and "recommendations" of the team. These will also be coordinated with the goals of the Strategic Plan.  
For our upcoming work, time line, and some summaries see the WASC Blog on the on the main FPU site:  
If you have questions or observations please send them to Linda Pryce-Sheehan or Steve Varvis.
Thanks again to  everyone for the "wasc work" this year.