Announcement from the Registrar's Office

Joshua Reinhold left the Registrar’s Office on May 14th to take a position with UC Merced. In his role as Registration and Scheduling Specialist, he has been instrumental in coordinating the attendance tracking system, streamlining registration processes, and implementing new processes in relation to classroom scheduling and monitoring.  Joshua’s love of learning, his commitment and deep sense of responsibility, his inquisitive nature, his superior intellect and, the unique ways in which he is able to make sense of the weaving of history and context, are important strengths that he has brought to his work at FPU.  I also know that “faith” is at the center of all that he engages in and I know, as he moves forward,  he will carry that faith with him.  I want to thank Joshua for sharing his special strengths with all of us, and for being a part of shaping the future of the Registrar’s Office and FPU.  He will be deeply missed, but we wish him well as he continues in his desired career pathway into higher education leadership.